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The NP Tracker project started early 2014. We realized back then that each neighbourhood watch/CPF/residence association have his/her/their own little black book with number plates of suspicious vehicles that was reported in their area. However these organisations never shared information between each other and if they did, it was a time consuming exercise and the info was not shared in real-time. However the criminals took advantage of this, lack of sharing information between communities using the same vehicle and plate in area A today and then again in area B (being monitored by a different neighbourhood watch) tomorrow. And later on changed their modus operandi to start using different number plates and then swopping it over time to fill up the communities little black books, increasing their chances of getting away with criminal activities as no-one (or at least limited few) remember the “suspicious red golf registration ABC123GP” reported three months ago. We at NP Tracker started monitoring social media content for messages containing number plates and saving it as lookouts, in fact creating our own little black book of suspicious and or reported registration numbers, but with a difference, anyone can now access this information freely through our supported mediums (wechat, telegram and our API), and our database do not just cover a certain area but the whole of South Africa. So what are you waiting for get checking with the NP Tracker project?

We monitor and save country wide vehicle registration lookouts.

So what are you waiting for? Start checking plates now...

NP Tracker is an automated system that recognize license plates and capture data on suspicious or criminal activity.

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